1. VERY POTENT, certified organic catnip from Sage Living, Concord, New Hampshire.
2. All my fabric (dog and cat toys) and tennis balls are washed with Seventh Generation Free & Clear detergent (which is NON-TOXIC, biodegradable, hypo-allergenic, free of phosphates & optical brighteners, NOT tested on animals & kosher-certified).
3. I do not use fabric softeners (toxic to your pets)!
4. Besides the organic catnip, the cat toys are finished off with bamboo fiberfill and leftover scrap fleece from the cat & dog toys for a softer feel.
5. The enclosed bell is encased within the toy so he/she doesn't accidentally swallow it.
6. The cat toys are triple stitched for added ruggedness!
7. My dog toys are made with RECYCLED tennis balls made in the USA!!! I've entered into an agreement with Penn to recycle their tennis balls that fail quality control tests (i.e. fail bounce tests). They are all made in their Arizona plant. I also wash the tennis balls in 7th Generation detergent!
Author: Kim
•Saturday, October 17, 2009
Thanks everyone for a great turnout and all the great new peeps I got to meet! The pix came out fantastic :)

Author: Kim
•Thursday, October 15, 2009
Concord Arts Market is holding its very own Pet Day on Oct. 17 in Eagle Square. The Concord SPCA, Live and Let Live Farm, Greyhound Pets of America, Libby's Haven for Senior Canines, NH Animal Rights League and pet-related vendors will all be in attendance. Pet Day is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission is free.

The Concord SPCA will have volunteers and staff to answer questions. There will also be animals available to visit that are looking for homes. Could this be the day you meet your new furry family member?

Live and Let Live Farm is an animal rehabilitation rescue shelter and sanctuary in Chichester, for abused, neglected and unwanted animals - mostly horses. Come visit for more information on how you can help their worthy cause and meet Whinney the mini pony!

Greyhound Pets of America helps find homes for ex-racing greyhounds and educates the public on the suitability and availability of greyhounds as pets. Stop by their tent for more information and meet some sweet, loving and graceful dogs.

A juried variety of pet-related vendors, fine artists and artisans are also scheduled for the day, including makers of pet gear, pet portraits, safer/earth-friendly pet toys, handbags, glasswares, paintings, jewelry, yarn, wreaths, hip graphics gear and more. Bring along Buffy the bulldog, Scooter the cat, Herman the hamster or Noah the parrot. All are welcome, provided they are leashed and ready to play well with others!

One of those most important features of Pet Day at Concord Arts Market is the pet food drive to benefit the Concord SPCA's Making Ends Meet program. Making Ends Meet is a pet food program to help pet owners who need temporary assistance with feeding their pets. Cat food (of any kind) is the greatest need right now. Please pick up a bag before heading over and drop it off to help a needy family keep their beloved pet in these tough economic times.

For more information about the Concord Arts Market, visit concordartsmarket.com or call 229-2157.

Author: Kim
•Sunday, October 11, 2009
Hey guys!
Thanks for another amazing weekend in Warner. I was so happy to meet each and every one of you. Can't wait for next year :) If you'd like to follow me and my latest events, just follow this blog or you can find me on facebook (Kimberly Beers, Concord, NH).

Need/want more toys already? Or just can't wait to see me again??? I'll be at the Concord Arts Market Pet Day this Saturday (www.concordartsmarket.com). It's in Eagle Square in downtown Concord (right across from the Farmer's Market) from 9am-3pm. We'll have the Concord SPCA there with adoptable animals, Live and Let Live Farm with a mini pony, a greyhound rescue with some greyhounds and lots of pet-related vendors, live music, amazing artists...and a PET FOOD DRIVE TO BENEFITS THE SPCA'S MAKING ENDS MEET PROGRAM! Bring a bag of cat food (what's needed most) to help out needy families so they don't have to give up their pets in these tough economic times. Hope to see you there!

As promised, feel free to copy any photo I have (they turned out great!).
Author: Kim
•Sunday, October 11, 2009
Thanks everyone for a great day one! Here's the photos I promised. You can just right click on the one you want to save your own copy.
Hope to see you again tomorrow or next year!
Author: Kim
•Sunday, September 20, 2009
Another great walk! Thanks everyone for an amazing day :)

Author: Kim
•Saturday, September 19, 2009
Thanks everyone! We had a blast! Hope to see you next year :)
If you're in the mood for more doggy/kitty fun...I'll be at the Concord SPCA Walk for the Animals tomorrow (Sunday) from 10am-3pm at the Delta Dental field by Horseshoe Pond in Concord (right off 393). http://www.concordspca.org/node/205

Feel free to copy any pictures that you'd like!
Author: Kim
•Saturday, August 08, 2009